On Mother's Day, SOAR Championship Wrestling ran is annual Save Sir Mo Show and, for the second year in a row, things didn't go accordingly to plan.  Due to venue issues, the show that orginially was supposed to feature Jack Swagger coming in was moved to Sunday, cancelling his booking out and leaving Sir Mo and company having to rework a few things.  Well, they did, and the show was really good!  The main event featured Jerome Daniels defending his title against Lance Hoyt, Haiden and Kenny battling it out, until Christian Simms, the glitted son of Sir Mo, interfered.  At the end of the show, I caught up with Sir Mo and we talked about his health, recovering from a kidney transplant, booking changes, and his thoughts about Christian Simms and making those hard decisions that could affect someone else.  It was an open and honest conversation, and i was lucky to get Denise, Sir Mo's wife, to join us as well.  

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