Short show today but we covered the goings on for NAWA Queen of the Underground and SOAR Championship Wrestling, plus mixed in a little Comi-Con Convention talk.

Brad Sanders, host of Just BS and current SOAR Championship Wrestling performer, popped on for a longer interview today.  We talked about how he became Mr. Discipline, the road he's traveled to come to Dallas, being married in the business, and what he thought about Matt Riveria's comments toward him.  

Jason Cook popped on to talk about the wrestling landscape in Texas, who he sees as the next big star to come out of Texas, and the event he's working on Nov. 11 in Pharr, TX called CollectorMania.  

Retired Wrestler turned Author John Famous popped on to talk about Queen of the Underground.  After both him and Carl went off during NAWA Killer Radio, Famous and I talked about his calling out of Jeremy Danelle (his words), his book, and Brandon Mason banning him for the show.  

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