In this episode, we talked about it all, just about!  We talked MPX, SOAR Championship Wrestling, Rampage All-Star Wrestling, TASW, NWA, Killer Tim Brooks, and much more.

Kyle Davis joined the program to talk about his new show coming to The Offshoots Nation called MPX Unauthorized.  He talks about the beginning of MPX, from his persceptive.  

Thomas Barmes joined the show to shoot the shit about the Texas Indie Scene.  He gets into how he went from being a fan of TASW to actually working it as a referee.

Devin Storm popped on to promote Rampage All-Star Wrestling's show this week.

Carl Knight popped on and we ran through the VIP Gold Rush show.  Carl gave his opinions on the phenomenal, spectagular performers (because let's face it, VIP won't throw out anything average or below).

James Beard came on the show and talked a lot about his time riding with Killer Tim Brooks.  Plus, he talks about his friend John Layfield, and how the bullying talk about JBL isn't what the man is all about.

Matt Riveria cane on to talk about hm coming back to Texas for SOAR.  We talked about what he thought about his opponent Gregory James, keeping an eye on Brad Sanders, and we talked about his friend Greg Anthony. 

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