The Offshoots returned to Texoma Pro, formerly NWA Texoma, and took in a show that I wasn't prepared to see.  Randy Wayne and Charlie Haas have seemed to found common ground, with the help of Nigel Rabid.  Adam Asher doesn't want Tim Storm to steal his spotlight since the NWA title can't be defended at Texoma anymore.  Jerome Daniels and Jordan Len-X battled till neither guy had anything left.  The return of Bam Bam Malone, however, the farewell of Jaxon Stone.  

Interviews with NWA Champion Tim Storm, Texoma Everything Champion Adam Asher, Jaxon Stone, Bam Bam Malone, Jerome Daniels, Stew Myrick (who?), Robert Langdon, Dusty Gold, Tommy Becker, James Beard

Tim Storm's tribute to Killer Tim Brooks

Our farewell salute to Jaxon Stone as he takes his talents east to the City of Brotherly Shove, Philadelphia.

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