In this episode of The Offshoots, we talked about The Kurt Angle.Jason Jordan situation.  Was this what we expected?  Did this meet our expecations?  What does this do to American Alpha?  Is this a push like Kane got for being The Undertaker's brother?

Hooligan Ace returned to the ring and is taking part in the MPX Dream Chasers tournament.  He came on and we talked about his time away, contributing factors that led him to walk away, and why he came back.

IWR's CEO, Chandler Hopkins, and K'yote joined the presentation to talk about Oklamania 2 coming to Ardmore, OK in October.  

Mike Freska came on the show to talk about his feud with Christian Simms, the injury that occured at SOAR a while back, and his journey starting from Florida and ending up in Texas.

Phil Phair, a manager out of Louisville, KY, popped on to talk about his travels from referee to manager.  We talk about how Cornette named him, his beliefs that everyone should referee before they learn more about the business, and much more.  Go to CollarandElbowBrand.com and enter the name PHIL in the promo box, receive 10% off your purchase.

Davey Vega came on, talked about traveling with Matt Fitchett and ACH, what his playlist consists of, working VIP, and much more.

Cherry Ramons popped on to talk about the first ever, one on one, encounter with Steve DeMarco that takes place on July 17.  We talked about injuries, losing weight, and his advice to young wrestlers that might have a low threshold of pain.

Former NWA North American Champion Tyson Dean popped on to talk about life without the title, whether he's got the invites to go elsewhere, and his opinion about Badd Blood vs. Tim Storm.  Plus, he talks about Greg Anthony and his encounters with him.  


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