In this episode of The Offshoots, myself, Big Kev and Tommy attempted to talk Great Balls of Fire, plus give our take to who could have succeeded in wrestling without the title.

Brysin Scott pops on to talk about the incredible weekend he had, from SOAR Championship Wrestling, to Great Balls of Fire, to debuting on WWE 205.  

Tanya Harris, aka Ruthless Lala, came on the show to talk about her having to put her wresling career on hold due to that her cancer has spread.  

Ryan Justice comes on to talk about his spreading his wings to the DFW market, his battles with Jastin Taylor, and what people can expect form him soon.

Frankie Fisher came on to talk about the MPX Abuse of Power show this Saturday as he teams with Nigel Rabid's Team of himself, Randy Wayne, Steven Kirby, El Sapo, and Jason Silver, although Silver was scratched due to injury.

Jaxon Stone came on the show and talked about his tour of Germany, his future in the DFW market, and where to possibly see him in the future

NWA World Champion Tim Storm came on to talk abot his match on July 30 against BJ Darden Badd Blood.  The two of them fought before, what will he look out for this time around. 

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