Our biggest show to date!  Originally we booked four interviews, that turned into seven. 

Sir Mo (Bobby Horne) talked about his first year promotion in Texas, his thoughts about guys who stay in Texas and expect to go places as opposed to reachiing out out of Texas to get booked.  He also gives his thoughts on SOAR Championshp Wrestling's show on July 8.

Dontea Smiley popped on to talk about being Dot Mob, surviving in a business with a family and the sacfrices he makes to make it in the business.  He talks about teaming with Ty Wilson, becoming the 2016 Tag Team of the Year and the heights he plans to reach in 2017.

Chandler Hopkins came on and we had a great first interview.  Unfortunately none of it took.  So I was able to get him back on and changed the questions with him.  As one of the main stars in IWR, he talks about his first year in the business and how he's looking to expand his horizons.

Fuego Del Sol has gone places since I last saw him.  After seeing him at NAWA back in 2016, his travel schedule and his work ethic has grown by leaps and bounds.  We talk about him being a small man in a big man business and how he survives it night after night. 

NWA Continental Champion Badd Blood joins the show and talks about his NWA World title opportunity coming up for NWA Blue Collar Wrestling on July 30 against Tim Storm.  We talked about the last time these two fought, what he learned, and his plans to become champion. 

Brent McKenzie became SuperTex last year after a fight that went viral between him and Shawn Hernandez at TASW.  We talked about how the fight elevated his stature in the business and we talked about whether or not the fans know too much these days. 

John Famous popped on with me as we brought on Dirty Andy Dalton.  Andy talked about how DTF was formed, the change everyone saw except him after he worked for NOAH, and what he thinks it takes to be a success in wrestling.  Famous chimed in with questions about what Dalton wants to do after wrestling, and much more.

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