Bam Bam Malone was one half of the most exciting tag teams to come to the DFW market in a long time.  Then tragedy occured as Bam Bam blew out his ACL.  Since 2016, he hasn't been performed in the ring, and has been off everyone's radar for a while.  During this time, his partner Jaxon Stone has been elevated to a new level.  So I talked to Bam Bam to see where his is now, and how soon can we see him again in the ring.

Roger Matheus has joined The Offshoots Nation has both him and Billy Hills plan to bring Southern Discomfort back.  I talked to Roger about working with Billy, where did the two meet, what his style of wrestling is, and much more.

Big Kev and Tommy joined me to talk about Money in the Bank.  Did they like it?  Did the first Woman's MITB match work for them?  We get into it.

Finally, The Golden Boy Greg Anthony joined the conversation as we catch up on his recent health situation.  He talks about when the problems occured, how insurance companies are more of a work, and how he got to stay awake and watch the surgery.  Plus, he talks about what kind of man Tim Storm is and how he's a true representation of what the NWA should be.

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