The Enigmatic Charismatic Jerry Rivver was the first of many original characters to debut during Season 1 of Cheap Pops Radio.

To this day he carries the torch for any other character brought onto the show. He brings the comedy and randomness one would would expect out of a pseudo wrestling comedy show.  In season 1 we went back in time to California in the 90's, made first contact with the aliens from the constellation of Dorado, and produced the first ever wrestling full length musical.  Without Jerry Rivver it wouldn't have been nearly as fun.

Pork 'n" Beans(The Jerry "F'n" Rivvers Story) takes us all the way back to episode one where we learned of his visions and takes us all the way to the season finale during his search for Elvis Presley.

This special edition also includes some unreleased footage never heard before anywhere else.

From a trailer park in Tyler,Tx to a strip club in Jersey and a few dick pics later.... this is the Jerry "F'n" Rivvers Story!!!





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