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In this special episode, Team Certified Mark talks to Dave Segan about his favorite subject... himself.    

We asked and boy did we get an answer. What makes a great show? What was your favorite show? And of course, we talk about how great a show last week was and next week will be.-----...

MPX Radio: Week 9 - "AMA"

(Reupload) It's been a year since Certified Mark Productions opened its doors and started reviewing wrestling, all starting with Metroplex Wrestling. So the team has gotten togethe...

This week on MPX Radio, The Mark and The Voice talk about The Impact Players, Tag Team Wrestling, and of course, next week's show! 

This week the guys talk about MPX's Theater of Pain, Everybody Hurts, and those six words that every vet in the business hates "How I Would Have Booked It."

MPX Radio: Week 2 - Fans

In its second week, The Certified Mark talks about some of his history with Independent Wrestling, The Impact Players becoming heroes, and what he thinks being a fan entails.

MPX Radio is back, and this time the host is a real Mark! The Certified Mark, JA Williams, takes the reigns to continue one of the premier shows on The Offshoots Network, and who b...